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Mary Ross Cunningham was born on November 19, 1945 in Coatopa, Alabama. Mary has seven children (Dr. Emerson Ross, Jackie Cunningham-Bailey, Samuel D.Cunningham Jr was the 40th Mayor of Waukegan, Alvin Cunningham (Deceased), Levi Finch, Beverly Ann Finch and Noami finch. In the early 1970’s Mary went on to pursue a career in nursing at the College of Lake County and later became employed with Veteran Administration Hospital (James Lovell Center) in North Chicago, IL. Mary career in nursing also led her to attend the University of Wisconsin (Madison) studying Business Administration and Sawyer College in Waukegan, IL studying Business Administration also. Mary stayed employed with the Veteran Hospital for 29 years until retirement. Mary decided she was not ready for retirement and became employed with the Great Lakes Naval Base Food Service Department for another 5 years as quality assurance Supervisor.

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