Vote Democrat General Election November 5, 2024

Here are the names of the Endorsements for Mary Ross Cunningham

• Alderman Patrick Seger
• Dr. Alderman Rudell Kirkwood
• Dr, Alderwoman Slyvia Bolton
• 40th Mayor Samuel D Cunningham Jr
• Alderman Carl Evans
• Former Alderman Larry Tenpas
• Candidate For State Representative Chelsea Laliberfe-Barnes
• Congressman Brad Schneider
• State Representative Rita Mayfield
• Charles Fornero
• Miles of Smiles Girls Club
• Janet KilKelly waukegan City Clerk
• Leon Rockingham Mayor of North Chicago,Il
• North Chicago 4th ward Alderman Bobby Allen City Council.
• Kenneth Smith North Chicago 5th ward Alderman.
• Dr. Mary Roberson
• Illinois State Senator Andriane Johnson
• Brandon Ewing waukegan School Board President
• Donna King north Chicago Foss Park district Commissioner
• Dr.John SchWab waukegan City Treasure
• Lawyer Luis Albarran
• Zion Mayor Billy McKinney
• Chairman Sandy Hart
• Commissioner Gina Roberts
• Commissioner Carissa Casbon
• Commissioner Jessica Vealitzek
• Commissioner Terry Wilke
• Commissioner Paul Frank
• Commissioner Mariah Altenberg
• Commissioner John Wasik
• Commissioner Jennifer Clark
• Commissioner Paras Parekh

Waukegan Township Supervisor Marc Jones
Beverly Sugar Young of North Shore Water Reclamation WARD 3
AFSCME 31 Union

My name is Steve Pannell,

I am the mayor of the City of Park City, I strongly endorse Marry Rose Cunningham, for District 9 County Board Member.

Lake County Board Vice Chair Commissioner Mary Ross Cunningham is a magnificient social justice advocate and committed leader in her district and the entire Lake County. Vice Chair Cunningham has a heart for the community and continuously promotes for equity, diversity and inclusion